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Live Recording Solution

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Seamless Live Recording Into
Any Format on Any Platform

FLICS INGEST is the ultimate solution for all of your live signal recording needs! Whether you're working with SDI, SRT, NDI or any other format, FLICS INGEST offers a scalable platform that lets you record into any production format in any environment, with ease.


High-quality processing and compression of live sources is performed in real time and can be easily controlled through FLICS' intuitive user interface.

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Overview >

“ Our customers are thrilled with the FLICS INGEST recording solution. Its advanced monitoring, scheduling features and seamless integration with multiple production formats make it the go-to choice for anyone looking for an effortless and reliable live signal capture experience. ”

Jiri Janiga | Sales Director @ Hiscale


Modern Ingest & Scheduling

  • Support for real-time recording of live signals, including SDI, NDI, SRT, and others, ensuring accurate and reliable capture of live content.

  • Advanced scheduling options, allowing users to configure recordings ahead of time, and ensure that recordings begin and end as required.

  • Crash Recording with configurable preset sources and capture settings for instant ingest

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