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Elastic Transcoding Cluster

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Hyper-Scalable and Cost-Effective Video Transcoding

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With a state-of -the-art architecture and support for commonly required codecs and formats, Hiscale‘s transcoding solution FLICS excels with functionality, performance, cost-efficiency and flexibility.

More delivery platforms, more devices, and more viewers mean more pixels - and you need scalable transcoding for growing video processing and delivery.

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Overview >

“ With a state-of-the-art architecture that utilizes Docker containerization technology, our products deliver unsurpassed scalability, cost-efficient performance and just-right functionality for lean and powerful operational excellence. ”

Tilo Skomudek | Managing Director @ Hiscale


Best Quality for Broadcast & Web

  • Supports all major broadcast & web formats

  • Handles both file-based & live workflows

  • Advanced Plugins for image processing, standards & motion compensated frame-rate conversions

  • Encodes the best quality for each device with built-in ABR encoding

  • Create popular streaming formats & apply DRM encryption

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Key Benefits >


FLICS is available as a cluster, managing multiple transcoding nodes on different platforms, as a stand-alone instance, as well as a managed service offering.



  • File & Live Transcoding

  • Platform independent: On-Premises, Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Private Cloud & Hybrid

  • Automated Dynamic Scaling

  • Best for Broadcast, VOD & Live 



  • Stand-alone Transcoding Solution

  • Available in 3 editions:

  • File Transcoding​

  • ABR Encoding

  • Standards Conversion

  • Software-only​

  • Best for a smaller setup



  • Managed Transcoding as a Service

  • Advanced Processing Features include Motion Compensated Frame Rate Conversion, Loudness Management & more

  • Flexible Pricing Tiers

Product Family >
Use Cases >


Build a broadcast file and VOD transcoding cluster anywhere

In this example, FLICS serves as the central encoding and delivery unit deployed on-premises within the broadcast production chain. It leverages its cloud connectivity to dynamically scale transcoding resources on-demand, adhering to configured boundaries such as usage time or amount of  transferred data, while processing the standard workload with on-premises hardware.

FLICS is integrated into the end-to-end workflow

using its powerful REST API to receive files from a connected MAM/CMS and utilizes watch-folders to
receive files from specified SMB/FTP/NFS/S3 storage locations. FLICS can receive and deliver content from storage sources through various connection protocols. When required, FLICS can generate multi-bitrate outputs in DASH, HLS, SMOOTH, and other formats for delivering content to VOD platforms.

FLICS dynamically scalable transcoding cluster


Reduce Transcoding Time &
Increase Productivity

Transcoding large video files can take hours, and can be a significant bottleneck in the production process. This is where the FLICS acceleration options come in. The result is a significant reduction in transcoding

time and an increase in productivity, allowing broadcasters and post-production teams to work more efficiently and deliver videos to their clients faster.

Continue reading to find out more.

GPU Acceleration

GPU acceleration using NVIDIA graphics cards allows for video transcoding with Hiscale FLICS to be done much faster than with a CPU alone.​ NVIDIA graphics cards are especially well-suited for this task because they include specialized video-processing hardware, which can be utilized for certain codecs.

Split & Stitch

Split-and-stitch transcoding divides a video into multiple segments and transcodes them all at the same time on multiple machines. The segments are then reassembled to form the final output. This method can significantly reduce the amount of time required to transcode a video, especially when dealing with long content. 

Turbo iFrame Encoding

Hiscale's Turbo iFrame Encoding is an acceleration feature that uses parallel processing on the server level to accelerate file-based transcoding for i-Frame only formats such as HEVC. This technique yields high speed gains and was designed with UHD processing use cases in mind, where large video files with high resolutions and bitrates must be processed quickly.

Acceleration >


Preserving the highest image and motion quality for your premium sports content
FLICS frame-rate standards conversion

Best-in-class frame-rate conversion is of the highest value, especially when it comes to converting sports content.

FLICS leverages the FrameFormer by InSync Technologies motion-compensated frame-rate and standards conversion algorithms to preserve the quality of your content.

For large sports events, FLICS is installed at the central point where files are being shared between National and International Broadcast center and local Broadcasters. For production, archive material needs to be converted to fit the events' local standards while content produced onsite needs to be converted back to local standards before going on air.

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The FLICS transcoding pipeline supports all major broadcast and web formats, filters, an integrated packager and, DRM encryption.
Transcoding Pipeline >
Technical Details
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FLICS features an advanced set of video processing capabilities for broadcast customers, media, and entertainment houses as well as telecommunication providers. Allowing maximum flexibility for deployment, FLICS can manage instances across various platforms dynamically to maximize

performance as well as reliability.

Continue reading to learn more about the features and included filters shipped with FLICS and how it will help move from static machines to elastic transcoding that adapts to your requirements.

Advanced Video Processing
  • 4K/UHD

  • File, Live & ABR transcoding

  • AVID MAM integration

  • HDR-Support (BT 2020 Color space)

  • High quality scaling with subpixel rendering

  • NVIDIA GPU acceleration

  • Split- & Stitch acceleration

  • Standard frame rate conversion

  • Motion-compensated, high-quality              frame-rate conversion

  • Audio Loudness Management

  • Logo & Timecode insertion

  • Animation overlay

  • Video rotation

  • Crop & Scale

  • Video Denoiser

  • Pre-roll & Post-roll Video

  • Subtitle Overlay & Embedding

  • Color Filter (HSBC)

  • 3D-LUT support
  • Audio-Only Decode & Encode

  • Adaptive Bitrate Encoding

  • Packaging

  • DRM encryption

Deployment Options
  • On-Premises

    • Virtual machines​

    • Standard IT hardware

  • Private Cloud​

    • RedHat OpenShift

    • OpenStack​

  • Hybrid deployment

  • Public Cloud

    • Amazon Web Services​

    • Microsoft Azure

    • Google Cloud

    • IBM Cloud

    • Alibaba

    • Digital Ocean

    • Linode

    • Hetzner

    • Open Telekom Cloud

    • 1&1 IONOS

  • Intel & AMD CPU support​

  • NVIDIA GPU support​

    • Tesla T4​ or newer

  • Watch-folders

  • RESTful API

  • SNMP

  • Email notifications

  • Webhooks

... and so much more!

There are numerous ways of leveraging the transcoding power of FLICS for your file, VOD, live, and OTT video processing. If you are looking for a particular feature, do get in touch with us to learn more!

Features are subject to change.


Get in touch with us today to book a personal
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