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Up Your Game with FLICS & FrameFormer: The New Gold in Frame Rate Conversion!

June 23, 2023

Experience the game-changer in frame rate conversion solutions with Hiscale's FLICS integration of FrameFormer by InSync Technology! Functioning on-premise, virtually, and across numerous cloud platforms (including AWS, Azure, GCP), FLICS ensures unparalleled conversion quality, turning international sports content into absolute gold! 🏆⚽

✅ Hybrid Transcoding: On-premise, virtual, or cloud-based.
✅ FrameFormer: Highest quality framerate conversion.
✅ Reliable and Scalable: Handle large-scale transcoding effortlessly.
✅ Future-Proof: Stay ahead in the industry.

Elevate your global content with the FrameFormer option in FLICS. Learn more at Hiscale's website. 🚀🌟

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