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Scale Your Transcoding, Not Your Carbon: Leverage the Power of Hiscale's FLICS Platform!

July 06, 2023

Ever thought how running #Transcoding with Hiscale's FLICS platform can help reduce your #CarbonFootprint? 🌍💚 By being software-based, #FLICS allows us to harness the power of the ☁️ cloud to scale up during high workloads, especially for event-based productions like #ElectionDay 🗳 or #SportsEvents 🏈⚽️🏀

When the workload is high, instead of needing additional hardware, we just increase your cloud capacity, saving on energy and reducing CO2 emissions! Now that's what we call a win-win! 🎉

Start making the green choice today with Hiscale's FLICS platform and be a part of the solution, not pollution. 🌱🌍 #CloudTranscoding #EcoFriendly #FramerateConversion

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